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Pre-Puppy Package  

My Pre-Puppy Package is designed to help you prepare before bringing your new puppy home, settle them quickly into their new home and navigate those early few weeks successfully. Available in Newcastle Upon Tyne and North Tyneside.

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Helping You From The Start

If you are getting a new puppy and don't know where to start, this is the package for you. Get help with recommended equipment, setting up your home, transporting your puppy from the breeders, and what to do in those first few days, nights and weeks.

Over three separate in-person sessions (with additional phone/email support), I will be on hand to help you hit the ground running as soon as your puppy comes home.

Each session is designed just for you, so you get the most out of our 1:1 sessions. I'll guide you through those early weeks to help make life with your new pup as easy as possible.

Before Your Puppy Arrives
2hr Prep Consultation

We start with a 2-hour consultation before your puppy comes home to help set up your home and prepare your puppy for an easy transition into their new life.

  • Help & advice on common puppy behaviours, so you know what to expect.

  • Tips on bringing your puppy home from the breeder.

  • What to do on the 1st day & night to settle your puppy into their new home.

  • Safe introductions to young children and/or other pets (e.g. cats, dogs, rabbits).

  • Home setup - how to puppy-proof your home & create a safe space for your pup.

  • Personalised training pack including guides on toilet training, chewing, play-biting, and a free book on dog communication.

  • Recommended equipment & toys.

  • Prevent common unwanted puppy behaviours from developing and learn how to redirect them to more suitable outlets

After Your Puppy Arrives
2 x 1hr Training Lessons

Once your puppy is home, we have a further 2 x 1-hour lessons to work on building a strong bond with your puppy and some basic training.

  • What's my name game

  • Attention

  • Recall basics

  • Learning to cope with short absences

  • How to use marker training to train sit & lie down

  • How to calm your puppy down

  • Crate training (if using)

  • Socialising your puppy in and out of the home

To help you between our 1:1 sessions, this package also includes a 30-minute phone call to assist with any questions you have, ensuring you always have the support you need.

You also have unlimited support on WhatsApp or email for any questions.

What's Included?

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7 Day Survival Guide


Free Puppy Survival Guide contents
Free puppy Survival Guide
Free dog Language book with training package

Free Lili Chin Doggie Language Book

A puppy running towards his owner

Why Choose One-To-One Training?

Working one-to-one at your home allows training to be tailored exactly to what you need, whether it's help bringing a puppy into a home with other animals, teaching young children how to interact with the new puppy safely, or adapting your home for the new arrival. My services have been created to fit your needs.

  • Personalised training support

  • 7 day survival guide to get you through the 1st week

  • Puppy Training guide to help you avoid common mistakes

  • Unlimited email/WhatsApp support in between lessons

  • Support from an experienced puppy specialist, registered with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council and certified with The Professional Association of Canine Trainers

  • 10% discount on further training packages

Total Package Price £280

Fiona has a lovely, friendly and warm approach to puppy training. We learned loads in our lessons and appreciated Fiona’s patience and great advice! Highly recommend!!

5 star review

Rosie's Owner

Training Tips

Check out my blog posts for helpful advice and training tips

What Are The Benefits Of Starting Training Early?

It's never too early to start planning for your new puppy. Most people underestimate how much a puppy will change their life. They bring home this lovely bundle of fluff and then soon realise puppies come with razor-sharp teeth and like to use them!

My Pre-Puppy Package is all about getting you ready before your new pup comes home. Understanding what to expect, how to make their transition from the breeder's home to yours less stressful, and creating a plan to make toilet training, chewing, and redirecting play-biting easier.

There is so much information online; it can be hard to know what to trust. Science is always moving forward, and we know so much more about our puppies. A lot of what you find online is out of date and can even create more problems than it solves in the long term.


Common questions that an online search will more often than not give you the wrong answer include:

  • Should you leave your puppy alone from day one to get used to it?

  • Is using "No" an effective way to discourage behaviours?

  • Should all dogs be crated?

  • Should you leave your puppy to cry?

  • Does letting your puppy sleep with you at the beginning mean they will never be able to sleep alone?

  • Is my puppy trying to be dominant?

My consultation is based on the latest research, so I can help you make the right choices to help give your puppy confidence and make sure you have the very best relationship with your puppy.

Get in touch today to find out how I can help you

Other Training Packages

If you already have a new puppy at home and need help with basic training, check out my other service.

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