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1-2-1 Dog Training in Newcastle and North Tyneside

Personalised dog training: one-to-one sessions tailored to your dog's individual needs, behaviours and training style. Available in Newcastle Upon Tyne and North Tyneside.

Recall Training in a Newcastle Park

Teaching Your Dog Skills For Life

​Do you have a dog that won't listen to you in the park?  Is your recall cue redundant? Does your dog pull you down the road rather than walking nicely beside you? 

If so, I can help you. Get in touch now to address these common problems and improve your dog's behaviour.  


My training packages offer a comprehensive range of benefits:

  • Gain insights into how dogs learn

  • Enhance communication with your dog

  • Discover effective ways to motivate your dog to listen

  • Learn positive reinforcement and reward-based training techniques

  • Experience personalised one-to-one training lessons with an ATI-accredited Animal Training Instructor

Is One-to-One Training Right For you?

  • Private training offers a great way to give your dog undivided attention without the distraction of other dogs in a class environment

  • It provides you with the opportunity to explore various training techniques at your own pace (as one size doesn't fit all)

  • We can practise in locations where you typically walk your dog

  • You'll receive personalised follow-up notes after each session

  • Packages also include free WhatsApp/email support in between lessons


Help with common training issues



3 x 1hr Lessons

  • We will look at why your recall cue doesn't work

  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Teach your dog to love the recall cue

  • Create a reflex response

  • Learn games to help recall

  • Teach your dog to focus and listen to you in the park

  • Includes weekly handouts


Loose Lead

2 x 1hr Lessons

  • We will look at why your dog is pulling and not listening to you

  • How to motivate your dog to want to walk without pulling

  • Make walks more enjoyable for you and your dog

  • Discover marker training 

  • Recommended equipment 

  • Learn different training techniques

  • Includes weekly handouts


Book the Rapid Recalls & Loose Lead Walking Programs together

Save £25

Rapid Recalls + Loose Lead Walking 

Total Price = £300

"Highly recommend Fiona. I have a very sociable six month old puppy. So much so, that playing with other dogs was far more fun than coming back when called. That and pulling when on a lead was becoming problematic. Fiona was able to break the training down into small steps that were super easy to follow. My dog absolutely loved our sessions as did I. Now after four classes her recall is amazing and she walks well on her lead."

5 stars

Leia's Owner

Other Training Packages

If you have a new puppy and need help with biting, chewing, toilet training and starting foundation training, or want advice before you get your puppy, check out my other services.

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